Pink Fire Pointer Computer Speedup Technology - A Little-Known Trick Experts Use to Make Windows Run Like Lightning


Computer Speedup Technology - A Little-Known Trick Experts Use to Make Windows Run Like Lightning

Windows is one of the most popular operating systems for a reason - it's extremely versatile and fast, however it's also prone to running slowly from a range of common problems. There are a number of different reasons why Windows might run slow, but there's one hidden trick that many computer experts & technicians use to help make their computers run extremely fast. The good news is that this trick is very easy to do yourself, and can be done by even the biggest computer novice.

The trick many computer technicians are now using is to clean out the 'registry' of Windows and fix any of the errors / damaged settings that are inside it. Not many people even realize the registry exists, but it's one of the most important parts of your PC - a large database which stores vital settings & options for your computer system. The registry has been a very important part of Windows since Windows '98, but has also been the biggest cause of Windows' slow speed for that entire time as well.

Unfortunately, the 'registry' database has caused many Windows computers to run slow over the years, and is likely the reason why your PC is running slowly now. The problem is that this database stores vital settings for your PC, including everything from your desktop icons to your most used software programs. Because the registry contains so much vital information for your system, it's constantly being used by your PC... and as your computer uses the registry 100's of times, it's constantly making your system confused, leading it to save many of the settings in the wrong way. What you'll find is that every time you use your PC, more & more registry settings will become damaged & corrupted, which will make Windows unable to read the files that it needs to run.

Damaged registry settings are like having telephone directories that aren't in the correct order - it takes Windows much longer to find the settings it needs, and ends up making your computer run extremely slowly in the process. To fix this problem, the trick that many computer technicians use is to scan through the registry with a 'registry cleaner' program and repair the various damaged parts that are inside. These programs are very effective tools, as they can fix all the damaged registry settings that are slowing your PC down, allowing it to process the files it needs, speeding it up.